Blue Cattle
Why the American Blues
  • Extraordinary muscle development
  • Great tenderness of the meat due to the thinness of the muscle fiber
  • Extremely lean, tender and healthy beef
  • Genetically tender beef without the fat cover and marbling
  • Higher percentage of quality cuts
  • More quality cuts in the forequarter
  • Cattle have a docile temperament
  • Short gestation length
  • One of the highest yielding carcasses with dress out of 68%-72%
  • Compliment to any crossbreeding program
  • Great terminal sire breed

American Blue Cattle

Beef up your herd with American Blue Cattle the terminal sire of choice for commercial and dairy herds. Blue Cattle are bred for high yield lean meat with less fat and cholesterol than Chicken. Their docile temperament makes them an excellent choice for club calves.