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To register an animal please print the form and send it to American Blue Cattle at:
American Blue Cattle Association, Inc.
P.O.Box 165
Haworth, Oklahoma 74740

Your registration application will be processed and blood kit will be mailed as soon as full payment is received. Prices subject to error and change without notice.

2027 Tattoo Letter is "R"
2026 Tattoo Letter is "P"
2025 Tattoo Letter is "N"
2024 Tattoo Letter is "M"
2023 Tattoo Letter is "L"
2022 Tattoo Letter is "K"
2021 Tattoo Letter is "J"
2020 Tattoo Letter is "H"
2019 Tattoo Letter is "G"
2018 Tattoo Letter is "F"
2017 Tattoo Letter is "E"
2016 Tattoo Letter is "D"
2015 Tattoo Letter is "C"
2014 Tattoo Letter is "B"
2013 Tattoo Letter is "A"
2012 Tattoo Letter is "Z"
2011 Tattoo Letter is "Y"
2010 Tattoo Letter is "X"
Pay your animal registration fees online: You can now pay your animal registration fees online using PayPal. Use the Registration in Word format - Open the document and type in the information on the application, save it and attach it to an email to [email protected]. Total your registration fees, click on the pay now button below and you will be prompted to enter the donation amount on the PayPal page. We will match the emailed registration with your payment.

Pay Animal Registration Fees Using PayPal
  • $25.00
    Registration of Fullbloods and Purebreds
  • $40.00
    DNA Kit
  • $15.00
    Registration of Percentage Grading-Up (50% To Purebred)
  • $15.00
    Certification of Percentage (Up To 50%)
  • $15.00
    Certification of Steers
  • $30.00
    Myostatin GeneTest
  • Miscellaneous Fees
  • $10.00
    Duplicate Corrected / Additional Certificates
  • $10.00
    Animal Transfer of Ownership
  • $10.00
    Embryo Transfer of Ownership
  • $10.00
    Listing of Foreign Registered Animal in ABCA Herdbook
  • $10.00
    Entering Foreign Bloodtype or DNA Genotype at UC Davis
  • $30.00
    Rush Charges for any paper work in addition to regular fees
*To add items to your cart, please select the item you wish to pay for then click the "Add to Cart" button to the right. If you wish to purchase another item, return to the this page, select the second item you wish to purchase, and click the "Add to Cart" button and so on. Once you are ready to check out, you will notice a second window open with your items listed in your shopping cart. From here you may check out using PayPal.
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American Blue Cattle

Beef up your herd with American Blue Cattle the terminal sire of choice for commercial and dairy herds. Blue Cattle are bred for high yield lean meat with less fat and cholesterol than Chicken. Their docile temperament makes them an excellent choice for club calves.