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ABCA members and their families make their American Blue Beef meat products available at the following locations in the USA and Canada.

Healthy & Flavorful
The final judgment as to the success of a beef breed lies in the hands of you, the consumer. Today’s beef consumer is more health conscious than ever before and is increasingly educated about the food and beef industry. American Blue Beef purebred meats have been repeatedly shown to contain less fat, less calories, and less cholesterol than skinless baked chicken breast, while still maintaining all the high nutritional elements for which beef is renowned.

*Warner Lab, USDA Cert#4786 Report 9/19/96
**USDA Handbook AH 8-13 (1985),NDB No. 13309,Pg. 339
***USDA Handbook AH 8-5 (1978),NDB No. 05057,Pg. 83

The same genetic trait that results in a healthy meat item also creates a tender, moist, flavorful product as well. A cross-section of American Blue meat will contain more and shorter muscle fibers than traditional beef. This significantly contributes to meat tenderness. Since there is minimal fat content, American Blue beef has greater moisture content. These two items together help establish a base for an exceptionally flavorful product.

Blue Beef sources

Find an American Blue Beef Source in the United States and Canada below. N" indicates national distribution. "F" indicates American Blue Beef sold directly from the farm.

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American Blue Cattle

Beef up your herd with American Blue Cattle the terminal sire of choice for commercial and dairy herds. Blue Cattle are bred for high yield lean meat with less fat and cholesterol than Chicken. Their docile temperament makes them an excellent choice for club calves.