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As the original name implies, Belgian Blue Cattle originated in the small European country of Belgium. While today American Blue cattle are their own fullblood registered breed, their roots can be tracked back well over a century to a crossing of Durham Shorthorns and Friesian cattle.

Initially the American Blue was developed, as most European cattle are, for their use as a dual purpose breed or, more simply, for both milk production and meat production. For most of the early to middle 1900s the breed tried to exist in the dual role. However, even at this early stage of breed development there was an increasing movement among many breeders to develop cattle of a more ‘meaty type’. Following the second world war, a liberated European economy quickly demanded an increased quality and quantity of meat, particularly those cuts of high retail value. This economic demand accelerated the development of American Blue cattle in a more heavily muscled direction.

Finally, in 1974, the breed was divided into two branches, one for continued use as a dual purpose animal and the other exclusively for meat production. The vast majority of breeders concentrated their efforts on breeding the American Blue for beef production. Today we see the result of the 150 years of work in the modern American Blue. An animal that is structurally correct and sound, docile in temperament, fertile in breeding, and above all the ultimate beef machine.

American Blue Cattle Association Officers

American Blue Cattle Association Board Members

  • Cindy Berner-Schlichte
    25014 K42
    Merrill, IA 51038
    Home: 712-938-2449
    Cell: 712-540-2639
    Fax: 712-938-2027
    Email: Cindy Berner Schlichte
  • Connie Brooks
    4773 E. Farm Road 48 Fair Grove, MO 65648
    Home: 417-759-7916
    Cell: 417-840-5464
    Fax: 417-759-7199
    Email: Connie Brooks
  • Ernie Garcia
    9323 S.H. 54
    Thomas, OK 73669
    Home: 580-661-2267
    Work: 580-695-2219
    Fax: 580-661-2269
  • Kyle Kehrli
    2721 Stewart Ave. Winthrop, IA 50682
    Email:Kyle Kehrli
  • Sandie Hull
    4073 Dickson Rd
    Ardmore, OK 73401-7825

American Blue Cattle Association New 2016 Members

Active Members
  • Paul Castleberry
    Brewton, AL

    Keith Enderson
    Grover Co

    David Fletcher
    Colcord, OK

    Henry Grondin
    Brutus, MI

    Troy Gruetzmacher
    Merrill, WI

    Harold Hall
    Gays, IL

    Kellam Family Farm
    Manitou, KY

    Jud & Connie Parker
    Fairfield, IA

    TJ Farms
    Willard, WI

    Miguel Ponse Torres
    Pikeville, NC

Junior Members
  • Ava and Eve Gruetzmacher
    Merrill, WI
  • Sterling Parker
    Fairfield, IA
  • Thomas Selk
    Willard, WI

American Blue Cattle

Beef up your herd with American Blue Cattle the terminal sire of choice for commercial and dairy herds. Blue Cattle are bred for high yield lean meat with less fat and cholesterol than Chicken. Their docile temperament makes them an excellent choice for club calves.